Retirement of Dr Graham Arnold

Dr Graham Arnold, Motion & Gait Analysis Labs Technical Manager at UDOTS, has decided to retire after 25 years of service to the School of Medicine and the University of Dundee.

He joined the University in 1998 and in 2010 he completed a PhD in designing a novel foot platform to record three-dimensional forces acting on the foot to ultimately provide a better understanding of diabetic foot ulcer development.

Graham has supervised and supported almost one hundred students in conducting research projects using the extensive range of instrumentation within UDOTS. His expertise has also benefited children with CP at routine NHS clinics where he works with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons to understand how and why CP affects the walking patterns of children, and what interventions can be used to improve their daily activities prior to any surgical intervention. He has published more than 80 research papers and presented countless times at conferences and given workshops on motion and gait analysis at symposiums around the world.

Previously Graham was a professional electronic design engineer developing equipment and instrumentation for a variety of industries including Naval, Automotive, Meteorological, Military, Oil and Medical. 

UDOTS colleagues and friends presented Graham with some gifts as a mark of appreciation and respect and went for a celebratory dinner. 

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Left to Right: A specialised electronic train locomotive, Professor Arpit Jariwala presents Graham with a framed print of Ambleside, a favourite place of Graham’s, and a personalised bottle of his favourite gin.

Dr Tim Drew, Senior Lecturer at UDOTS, commented:

“Graham has decided to retire earlier than he originally planned, and his absence will be a huge blow to students and staff alike. Not only will his immense knowledge of everything be sadly lost to the School of Medicine, but his unique sense of humour will also be greatly missed by everyone who has had the privilege to meet him. We all wish Graham a long and happy retirement and hope it provides more time to spend with his wife, Alison, and family and to enjoy his passions for trains and transport, Scottish Country Dancing, walking and travel, especially the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District. Also not forgetting his tireless work with The Scouts.”

Dr Graham Arnold added:

“I just wanted to say a really big thank you to you all for all the fantastic presents. The picture is brilliant. When Alison and I stay in Ambleside we usually have an evening walk up to that very spot so it’s perfect. As for the steam engine, wow, thank you again, it will get used on layouts at home and at exhibitions. I’ll maybe bring it in and demonstrate all the sounds it can make when starting, braking, and just running along whistling, all recorded from the real thing. To squeeze all that into something that small is certainly an engineering achievement. And the ‘unique’ gin will certainly be used, while I’m sitting in the summerhouse thinking about gardening! 

Thank you all again, it was quite emotional to realise how many good friends I have got in UDOTS. I genuinely hope we can all stay in touch ... and remember, always look on the bright side!

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Professor Arpit Jariwala, UDOTS Director, added:

“Graham has decided to hang up his boots and retire. He has been an integral part of UDOTS for many years and has contributed to almost each and every programme that runs in the department, student research and teaching and departmental events. It is difficult to comprehend what we will miss with him gone. However, I do feel that he now needs to enjoy his life and his numerous hobbies, his travels, adventures with the steam engines and spend time with his family post-retirement. He will always be our colleague and a friend of UDOTS and I am sure we will see him as and when his busy retirement will permit. Wishing him a happy, healthy and fulfilling retirement.”