Ground-breaking BBC4 Series features IMAR

The Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) at TORT Centre featured today in the second of a two-part 'ground-breaking' BBC4 documentary series entitled Dissected. Watch the full episode

Presenter Dr George McGavin is joined by leading experts to dissect a real hand and foot, taking them apart layer by layer to reveal what makes them unique in the animal kingdom. Episode one was aired on Tuesday 18th February 2014 and concentrated on the human hand. The second episode on the human foot aired on 25th February 2014 featured Professor Abboud (Director of IMAR and Editor-in-Chief of The Foot journal), and his IMAR team recorded when the BBC visited the TORT Centre last year and spent the day filming in its renowned gait analysis laboratory.

Mr Kartik Hariharan, Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Past President of the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery Society (BOFAS), member of the Editorial Board of the Foot  and long-term external lecturer of the Dundee University MCh Orth Course, was the expert anatomist on the programme.

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It is a great accolade to be chosen by the BBC for the programme for our long-standing expertise and excellent IMAR facilities at the TORT Centre at the Medical School at Dundee University”, stated Professor Abboud.

It is equally of great importance that the same programme will incorporate the views of a leading foot and ankle surgeon, Mr Hariharan, who has been a major contributor on our Dundee MCh (Orth) course for over 10 years”, added Professor Abboud.

IMAR’s research activities have always attracted media attention as we are constantly conducting leading edge research that is instantly translational to current life”.