Cultural Evening closes MCh (Orth) Academic Year

A cultural evening was held on Tuesday 3 June 2014 in the Gait Laboratory of the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) at TORT Centre to celebrate the successful completion of this year’s Master of Orthopaedic Surgery (MCh Orth) course. Professor Rami Abboud, Head of the Department and Course Director, welcomed students, invited teaching faculty, staff members, and other students enrolled on a variety of courses within the Department (MSc, MD, PhD, Science without Borders). All guests were asked to contribute a traditional dish from their countries of origin so an eclectic menu was available and vigorously devoured; where else would you see clootie dumpling resting so comfortably beside lentil dhal? Traditional music accompanied the evening with diverse genres from India, Nigeria, Brazil, and Egypt and of course the obligatory Scottish dance music. 

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Professor Abboud then came to the most important part of the evening with the presentation of certificates and the handing out of awards. The Ian Smillie Award, given to the outstanding student of the year, went this year to Dr Suman Sundarraj. The David Rowley Award, given for outstanding presentation skills, went to Dr Sahil Sanghi. The Ian Kelly Award, given for excellence in scientific communication, went to Dr Husam Elbana. All were worthy winners.

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A final gift of engraved whisky glasses and mini decanter was presented by Professor Abboud to Dr Geoff Bardsley, who after contributing to the course for many years, is taking early retirement. Professor Abboud also highlighted the excellent work done by all staff in the department, our colleagues in NHS Tayside, the invaluable and immense external faculty, and especially that of the course administrator, Mrs Sheila MacDonald. “Sheila is not only ‘surrogate mother’ to the overseas students for their time here but their 'friendly guide' throughout the process from enquiry to completion; her care and attention to details is amazing”, stated Professor Abboud. 

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“Breaking the tradition this year from having our final year dinner from a formal event at the Invercarse Hotel to an informal one within the IMAR facilities where our students spent most of their time studying over the last 10 months or so proved to be a great success that allowed staff and students to interact socially. It was a great event to say a memorable goodbye to our MCh (Orth) graduates and a pleasure to cook for them, something I believe some of them found hard to believe that a Professor can and did cook!” concluded Professor Abboud.

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