Clinical Assistance MCh (Orth) Award 2013-2014

In welcoming MCh (Orth) candidates at the beginning of each academic year, Professor Rami Abboud always emphasises that “the more you put in the more you get out”. All candidates tend to take his advice literally but one in particular this year exceeded all expectations. As such, and upon the recommendation of the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Sankar Sripada, who oversees and examines the MCh (Orth) clinical e-log book, Professor Abboud is pleased to announce the awarding of a new ‘Clinical Assistance Proficiency Certificate’ for the Master of Orthopaedic Surgery (MCh Orth) degree, which in this inaugural year was awarded to Dr Sahil Sanghi.

This new certificate will not be awarded annually but rather will be given only in exceptional circumstances in recognition of students who, on the recommendation of the clinical e-log book examiner, have assisted and observed in excess of 200 cases in operating theatre throughout the MCh degree.

Sample Certificate Graphic

The certificate was presented by Professor Rami Abboud who also presented Dr Sanghi with this year’s ‘David Rowley Presentation Skills Award’ which is awarded annually to the MCh (Orth) student who achieves the highest combined mark in presenting their research, orally (Power Point) and visually (scientific Poster) by a group of a minimum of five internal and external examiners.