Staff Member Illustrates Book Covers

Mr Ian Christie, Postgraduate Skills Tutor, at the TORT Centre has recently illustrated the covers for three children’s books which have now been published by Meadowside Publications. These three short stories have been written by the Rev. David Shepherd of St. Mary Magdalene’s Church, Dundee, who has temporarily departed from his normal genre of crime fiction to delve into the world of the younger book reader.

Tom and the Telescope: the Lord’s prayer and a little bit more. The Lord’s Prayer is very short but it tells us some vital things about God all in the space of about 60 words. This story tells of Tom looking to the Heavens through his telescope to understand the meaning of the prayer. (ISBN 978-0-9551974-7-5) 

The Magic Garden: the Creation and a little bit more. This short story explores the sometimes controversial subject of the Creation. How did this great World come into being? Was it an accident or did everything go according to plan? Josie has won a competition to visit the Magic Garden so she and her pet parrot, Augustus, fly through the darkened skies to see Creation take place all around them while God answers her questions. (ISBN 978-0-9551974-8-2)

And then it Happened: the Christmas story and a little bit more. Beautiful as the Christmas story is, we would all like to know more. David Shepherd attempts to explain to the younger audience what the Shepherd’s thought about? Why was the donkey such an important part of the story and what was his name? The book contains 18 different instructive and entertaining stories.

Graphic image of book covers

Ian has completed more than 1500 illustrations for learning materials, paper submissions and dissertations for the Department and University as a whole over the last 20 years and has twice designed the official Glastonbury t-shirt.

Professor Rami Abboud added “Ian is a key member of staff of the department whose energy and vision are unlimited. The various awards that he has won nationally are only a small example of his graphical ingenuity”.

A complete book catalogue for the author can be found at Meadowside Crime Publications.