DUSA Teaching Award Nominations

Professor Rami Abboud and Dr Tim Drew  were among 360 nominations by students for the University of Dundee Student Association (DUSA) six Student Led Teaching Awards for 2014.

Professor Abboud was shortlisted for the last round of three nominations for the “Most Inspirational Teaching of Postgraduates” category and stated that:

“I was recently invited to attend the DUSA Student Led Teaching Awards presentation and dinner on 24th May as I was nominated by the students for one of the six UoD/DUSA Student Led Teaching Awards. I felt extremely privileged to be nominated in the first place and subsequently shortlisted from among 360 nominations to the last three shortlisted for the Award Category; win or lose I already feel like a winner and congratulation to the winner, Janeth Warden-Fernandez. It is a great accolade for our department that Tim (nominated for the Best Academic Advisor or Personal Tutor – sole nomination from the Medical School) and I were nominated and will endeavour to maintain our excellent standards in support of our students.”

Professor Pete Downes, Principal and Vice-Chancellor has stated:

"In my plans for the future development of the University, I place high value on excellence in learning and teaching and I am proud of our high standing in the National Student Survey and International Student Barometer. It is therefore important that high quality teaching is being recognised and celebrated through the recently initiated Teaching Awards."

The University values high quality teaching as part of its mission and strategy and the DUSA-organised Student-Led Teaching Awards, where teachers are nominated by their students based on what has best supported their learning over the year is greatly valued by the academic staff.