IMAR hosts Sportscotland - Coaching Scotland

The Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR) welcomed a group of 28 sport coaches from SportScotland to its facilities at the TORT Centre, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School for an open evening seminar on Biomechanics led by Professor Rami Abboud. The seminar concentrated on the biomechanics of running (as aired on BBC One Show 16 September 2011) focussing on a case from the recent London Paralympics, “What makes Oscar Pistorius a successful runner?”. The seminar created an interactive and enjoyable debate highlighting the various relevant projects actively conducted at IMAR in support of the debate. The seminar was followed by an interactive tour of IMAR’s clinical and research facilities explaining the available high-tech equipment that is available to be utilised in almost every sport. The visiting coaches’ expertise covered a diverse area of sports’ disciplines such as football, rugby, triathlon, cycling, swimming, archery, frisbee, clay pigeon and running.

The event was most enjoyable and is hoped to further strengthen the relationship between IMAR and sports coaches, initiatives and developments across Scotland fulfilling IMAR’s main focus on important aspects of our daily activities in relation to posture, movement and ergonomics, with much emphasis on sports and disability. Collaboration has already started with an intriguing project to unravel some of the mysterious tricks in the biomechanics of frisbee.

IMAR’s overall aims are to alleviate pain, correct deformity, enhance performance and provide better protection against new or recurrent injury.

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