Primary Children's Day at TORT Centre

As part of the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR) open door policy to Outreach and collaborate with Tayside local community, a class of Year 2 children from Hillside Primary School, Menzieshill, Dundee, visited IMAR at the TORT Centre on 26th January 2015.

The trips were arranged by Teachers, Amy Duncan-Morris and Karen Anderson, who along with some helpers brought the children to see the gait and motion analysis laboratories at IMAR. The children had been working on a project investigating the human skeleton and its joints so the motion analysis lab was perfect for showing the children how the human skeleton moves via a 3D motion analysis system similar to that used in the gaming and animation industry. Professor Abboud and his team were even able to stick some markers on the children and show them themselves on the computer system running about and dancing around the facility, which whilst being educational was also a great deal of fun!

A great day was had by all with our resident in-house skeleton, Dr McCoy, attracting a huge amount of attention and giggles - well he was sitting in an aeroplane seat, wearing a witch’s hat and ski boots after all!

Photographic Image

The Class with Dr Arnold (pink shirt, standing) and Dr McCoy (witch’s hat, seated).

Miss Duncan-Morris stated: “Thank-you for today. The kids really enjoyed it and so did the teachers! It was very interesting seeing the animated figures and the forces on the feet. Thank-you again”, whilst Miss Anderson remarked: “The kids absolutely loved the visit and got a lot from it. Class time is a bit more structured so we do have quiet times when everyone is busy. They are especially excited on a trip. You will all just need to come to school and visit us next time”.

Professor Abboud, Director of IMAR, stated:

“It is a pleasure to be able to interact with the local community on an educational level with children of this age. The class was so receptive and interested in the work, teaching and research we carry out here at TORT and it was great fun interacting with them and answering their numerous inquisitive questions. It is something I personally hope we are able to do more of in the future.”

Photographic Images

Dr Graham Arnold, IMAR Technical Manager, sent an email to the school thanking them:

“Thank you so much for the fantastic drawings (see below) your class made of their visit last week. The attention to detail in remembering what we showed you is astonishing. We have the drawings on the walls of the Gait Lab so everyone can see and remember your visit. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves although we all had to lie down for a couple of hours afterwards to recover!”

All at IMAR would like to thank the Teachers, their helpers, the children and their parents for allowing us to use this item on our website. If your school is interested in visiting the Institute of Motion Analysis & Research for educational purposes please contact Dr Graham Arnold in the first instance.

Drawings by school children

Please note that full permission was given by parents and teachers for the photographs and drawings to be used. We have removed any names from the drawings.