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  • Risk of periprosthetic fracture after anterior femoral notching: a nine-year follow-up of 200 Total Knee Arthroplasties
    Acta Orthopaedica Belgica (2009), 80(5): 553-556 Gujarathi N, Putti AB, Abboud RJ, MacLean JGB, Espley AJ, Kellett CF.

  • A new scoring system for the evaluation of Clubfoot: the IMAR-Clubfoot Scale
    The Foot (2009), 19:156-160 Ramanathan AK, Herd F, MacNicol M, Abboud RJ.

  • Shoes influence lower limb muscle activity and may predispose the wearer to lateral ankle ligament injury
    Journal of Orthopaedic Research (2009), 27(3):318-324 Kerr R, Arnold GP, Drew TS, Cochrane LA, Abboud RJ.

  • Analysis of musculoskeletal models of the upper-limb during assistant-supported walking
    Joint Project, The Royal Society of Edinburgh (2009), 27(3):318-324 Wang W, Ming D.

  • The investigation of neurological and electronic activities in animal models and patients with the implication for improvement of patients with Cerebral Palsy
    Joint Project, The Scottish Government (2009), Wang W, Yang Z.

  • Clinical Applications Of Motion Analysis
    Private Hospital Healthcare Europe (2009), C10-13 Gibbs S.

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  • Determination of the EC50 of Levobupivacaine for femoral and sciatic perineural infusion after total knee arthroplasty
    British Journal of Anaesthesia (2009), 102(4):528-33 McLeod GA, Dale J, Robinson D, Checketts M, Columb MO, Luck J, Wigderowitz C, Rowley DI.

  • Decreasing amputation rate in patients with diabetes: population based study
    Diab Med (2009), August 26(8), 773-7 Scholfie C, Leese G, Jain AS.

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