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  • Determination of the level of thrombus precursor protein (TpPTM) in orthopaedic patients: preliminary results
    4th Annual Congress of European Hematology Association. Barcelona, Spain (1999), Grouzi E, Boscainos P, Chaikali A, Bargiotas C, Babis G, Spiliotopoulou I, Pantazopoulos TH.

  • Pain pattern in multiple vertebral hemangiomas involving non-adjacent levels
    4th Congress of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Brussels, Belgium (1999), Korres D, Roidis N, Bargiotas C, Karachalios T, Boscainos P.

  • Parameters isolated within the Oswestry and Roland Morris functional disability scales and their clinical relevance
    15th World Congress of Psychosomatic Medicine, Athens, Greece (1999), Boscainos P, Sapkas G, Prouskas C, Stilianesi E, Papadakis S.

  • Does Botulinum therapy influence the long-term management of cerebral palsy?
    International Conference on Therapeutic Aspects of Botulinum Toxin (1999), Orlando, USA. Brooksbank AJ, Gibbs S, Maclean JGB.

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