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  • Complications associated with the pedicle screw positioning in the thoracic and lumbar spine
    Osteosynthese International, Rethymno, Greece (2002), Sapkas G, Efstathiou P, Papadakis S, Stylianesi E, Kostopoulos D, Boscainos P, Zervakis N, Vavliakis K.

  • Effect of fracture and immobilization in bone mineral density and mechanical parameters in postmenopausal women with a unilateral distal radius fracture: preliminary report of an ongoing prospective analysis
    32nd Annual International Sun Valley Hard Tissue Workshop, Sun Valley, ID, USA (2002), Boscainos PJ, Giannoulis FS, Raptou P, Galanos A, Lyritis GP.

  • The operative treatment of osteoporotic post-traumatic vertebral collapse
    3rd International Workshop of the International Society of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions, Corfu, Greece (2002), Boscainos P, Kostopoulos D, Styliannessi E, Badekas Ath, Efstathiou P, Sapkas G.

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