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  • A numerical model of an intensive care ventilator-humidifier system
    Medical Engineering and Physics (1996), Vol.18:251-261 Drew TS, Vardy S, Tarnow-Mordi W, Lerski R.

  • A microprocessor-controlled psychomotor tester for minimal access surgery
    Surgical Endoscopy (1996), Vol.10:pp.965-969 Hanna GB, Drew TS, Clinch P, Hunter B, Shimi S, Dunkley MP, Cuschieri A.

  • The comparison of the powers at lower limb joints at different velocities and a possible optimum walking velocity
    The Engineering of Sport (Ed. Haake SJ) (1996), pp.71-76, Balkema Publishing Wang WJ, Crompton RH, Li Y, Gunther MM .

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