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  • Invited Lecture
    The Fifth Jinling Summit Forum of Rehabilitation Medicine. Jinling, China (2016), Murphy AJ.

  • Biochemical markers of early mortality in patients with metastatic proximal femoral fractures
    SCOT Summar Meeting, Dunblane (2016), Downie S, Adamson D, Jariwala A.

  • The golden patient concept applied to orthopaedic trauma
    RCSEd Audit Symposium, Edinburgh, UK. (2016), Downie S, Joss J, Jariwala, Love G, Sripada S.

  • The role of cemented total hip replacement in the management of patients under 55 years in a publicly funded healthcare system
    18th IOSUK Conference, Leicester, UK (2016), First Prize for podium presentations. Kiran M, Johnston LR, Jariwala AC.

  • Invited Lecture
    Beijing Friendship Hospital Geriatric Rehabilitation Conference. Beijing, China (2016), Murphy AJ.

  • Invited Lecture
    China Rehabilitation Forum. Chengdu, China. (2016), Murphy AJ.

  • Establishing state of motion through two-dimensional footprint analysis: a pilot study
    2nd Academic Week at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil (2016), Arnold GP, Nasir S, Wang W, MacDonald C, Abboud RJ.

  • Neck of femur fracture: what happened after the total hip replacement?
    17th European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) Congress, Geneva, Switzerland (2016), Lim JW, Ng GS, Jenkins RC, Ridley D, Jariwala AC, Sripada S.