Mr Ian Christie

Postgraduate Skills Tutor / Research, Media & Communications Co-ordinator


Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery
Tayside Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology (TORT) Centre
Ninewells Hospital and Medical School
University of Dundee


+(44) 01382 383504


Ian Christie initially trained and worked as a greeting card artist for five years with Andrew Valentine Ltd., in Dundee. After deciding to retrain he has now been employed by the University of Dundee since 1990. Ian lectures to and supports postgraduate, undergraduate students and staff on how to present their research in the form of oral presentations, scientific poster design, effectively structuring their dissertation and how to use images effectively and accurately. He also provides high-quality electronic illustrations for research, educational and publication purposes and an editorial service for all proposed publications.

Ian has designed close to 150 scientific posters that have been successfully presented at conferences worldwide, several of which have won best poster awards. He has also produced over 4000 illustrations and graphics widely used in learning materials and published papers across several specialities including medical illustration and orthopaedics. Ian also project-managed the development of the department's website.

In his spare time, Ian likes to paint in all mediums and hopes at some stage to exhibit some works. In the past, he has designed the official Glastonbury Festival t-shirts of 2002 and 2004 and has done cover illustrations for three childrens' books. More recently he was commissioned to redesign the front cover of The Foot Journal.

In 2020, together with his brother, they co-authored and published their debut novel, a fictional Edwardian detective mystery called "The Reign of the Beast: a DI Wiggins Adventure".

As well as lecturing on the subjects listed below, Ian also presents tutorials and offers support and guidance to both postgraduate and undergraduate students and staff. For the past two years Ian has also been supporting students studying the MSc in Human Clinical Embryology & Assisted Conception at the Medical School. 

  • Scientific poster design
  • How to avoid the world’s worst PowerPoint presentation
  • Using images effectively and accurately
  • Using Microsoft Word Templates for Thesis Writing

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