MCh Students

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Class of 1996-1997

  • 1997

    Shaji Abraham

    Monteggia fracture dislocations in children close x

    Hedjaz Rajab

    A study of gait analysis and its clinical applications close x

    Nitin Handel

    Lisfranc's fracture dislocation of the foot: a review and analysis of the literature close x

    Sanjay Sonanis

    Zweymuller's uncemented total hip replacement close x

    Karla Fretwell

    Course Administrator close x

    Mr Ian Ritchie

    External Examiner close x

    Professor James D. Hutchison

    External Examiner close x

    Mr John Dent

    Project Supervisor close x

    Professor Rami Abboud

    Course Director close x

    Sharadaumar Agarwal

    Etiology of ankle injuries in relationship to biomechanical forces and proprioception close x

    Margaret Aitken

    Department Secretary close x

    Dharmendra Mittal

    The prospective study of the modified McBride procedure for hallux valgus close x

    Mr Ben Clift

    Project Supervisor close x

    Professor David Rowley

    Head of Department close x

    Unknown at this time close x

    Sandeep Agrawal

    Magnification does not improve precision of radiolucent lines close x

    Muthuswamy Swaminathan

    Routine post-operative computerised strain gauge plethysmography screening and monitoring for the dentention of deep vein thrombosis close x

    Saji P. O. Thomas

    Functional evaluation of ankle fractures close x

    Jutti Ganesan

    Correction of neglected and relapsed clubfoot using Joshi's external fixator close x

    Matada Vijayakumar

    Review of long-term results of anterior cruciate ligament injuries close x

    Sandeep Munjal

    Prinicples, indications and early results of triple pelvic osteotomy for symptomatic dysplastic hips close x

    Mr Arthur Espley

    External Examiner close x

    Sanjay Bhattacharyya

    Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction close x

    Sai Kumar

    Treatment of supracondylar fracture of humerus in children by straight lateral traction close x

    Vivek Allahbadia

    The treatment of segmental bone defects close x

    Any student not tagged did not successfully complete the MCh Orth, Dundee Degree