MCh Students

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Class of 1994-1995

  • 1995

    Prakash Nagrani

    Metacarpal fractures: the Dundee experience close x

    Syed Ziadi

    Rheumatoid hindfoot close x

    Atul Gupta

    Management of closed fractures of proximal phalanx of fingers close x

    Kumbenagrahara Srinivas

    A retrospective study of Robert Bringham unicompartmental knee replacement close x

    Mr Alistair Swanson

    Project Supervisor close x

    Mr John Dent

    Project Supervisor close x

    Mr Ben Clift

    Course Supervisor close x

    Margaret Aitken

    Department Secretary close x

    Mr Arthur Espley

    Project Supervisor close x

    Professor Paul Gregg

    External Examiner close x

    Vinay Naidu

    Infected knee replacements experience with the three-stage Dundee knee exchange reimplantations close x

    Professor David Rowley

    Head of Department close x

    Jegaraj Kanagasabesan

    Oxford unicompartmental knee replacement: Victoria Infirmary experience close x

    Mr Ian Ritchie

    External Examiner close x

    Sanjiv Nand

    Prospective study of decreasing delta frame rigidity vs. dynamisation in a uniplaner external fixator for treatment in open tibial fractures close x

    Muzaffar Hussain

    Shoulder hemiarthroplasty for rheumatoid arthritis close x

    Prakash Patil

    Glenohumeral replacement arthroplasty close x

    Naser Elomrani

    Correction of relapsed and neglected club foot deformity by Ilizarov method close x

    Zafur Khattak

    Study for fixation of unstable metacarpal and phalangeal fractures close x

    Any student not tagged did not successfully complete the MCh Orth, Dundee Degree