MCh Students

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Class of 2007-2008

  • 2008

    Ankur Goel

    Normal buttock seat- interface pressure values and the repeatability of the novel Pliance® system (Supervisor: Abboud RJ). close x

    Mr Carlos Wigderowitz

    Project Supervisor close x

    Yogesh Chaudhari

    Can pre-operative Harris hip score predict the functional outcome after total hip arthroplasty? A study of more than 2000 consecutive cases of total hip arthroplasty (Supervisors: Johnston LR, Abboud RJ). close x

    Karla Fretwell

    Course Administrator close x

    Professor Rami Abboud

    Course Director/Head of Department close x

    Mudit Khanna

    Cemented versus uncemented total hip arthroplasty: a comparative analysis of functional outcome and complications (Supervisors: Johnston LR, Abboud RJ). close x

    Linda Johnston

    Project Supervisor close x

    Raafat El Halaby

    The repeatability of the Pedar-X® system and normal plantar pressure values at different speeds (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Abboud RJ). close x

    Yasir Mustafa Khan

    Trapeziectomy: patientsí experience and opinion (Supervisor: Dent JA). close x

    Dr Weijie Wang

    Project Supervisor close x

    Prakash Sasnur

    The effect of high-heel shoes on the lower limb muscle activity (Supervisor: Abboud RJ). close x

    Vinith Zachariah John

    An audit of the results and complications of carpal tunnel decompression (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Khalid Sharafeldin

    The validation and repeatability of a new foot model for clinical use (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Karaikudi Ganadharan Sririam

    The effect of high-heel shoes on posture and foot pressure distribution (Supervisors: Gibbs S, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ). close x

    Basavaraj Sharanappa Kyavater

    Do post-operative X-ray following total hip replacement (THR) exaggerate femur length? (Supervisor: Hadden WA). close x

    Mr John Dorgan

    External Examiner close x

    Tekkuveetil Vivek

    Why patients do not complete the prescribed course of physiotherapy? (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Debadyuti Baksi

    Correlation of nerve conduction studies and carpal tunnel syndrome (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Mr Colin Bruce

    External Examiner close x

    Deepak Kumar Mishra

    Evaluation of barefoot and in-shoe pressure measurement among gender and ethnicity (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Abboud RJ). close x

    Timothy Kagoda Byakika

    Pre-operative knee society score as a predictor of outcome after TKA (Supervisor: Johnston LR). close x

    Anurag Shukla

    The effect of ankle supports on lower limb muscle activity: a comparative study (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Abboud RJ). close x

    Hebri Sadashiva Somayaji

    Effect of speed on lower limb muscle activity during walking and running in normal adults (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Abboud RJ, Wang W). close x

    Sadiq Nasir

    Technical Project Support close x

    Anant Narayan Mahapatra

    A biomechanical analysis of single supported leg in bi-crutch walking (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Rajeshkumar Kaliaperumal

    Comparison of EMG between normal walking and simulated bowleg walking (Supervisors: Gibbs S, Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Dr Graham Arnold

    Project Supervisor close x

    Ankur Munjal

    Factors that predict the response to treatment in carpal tunnel syndrome (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Harsimran Singh

    Comparison of joint kinematic and kinetic parameters between normal gait and simulation of genu varum with flexion contracture of knee (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Ian Christie

    Course Tutor close x

    Mohannad Mohammad Zayoud

    The outcomes of AO Volar locking plate system for distal radius fractures (Supervisors: Jariwala AC, Alipour F). close x

    June Pate

    PA to Professor Abboud close x

    Raghvendra Jaiswal

    Analysis of the relationship between joint motion and muscle activity in the upper limb and the driving radius during wheelchair propulsion (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Suddhajit Sen

    Computerised biomechanical model of the shoulder joint (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Dr Tim Drew

    Project Supervisor close x

    Mr Alf Bass

    External Examiner close x

    Rajdeep Roy

    To design and demonstrate a means of creating a solid three-dimensional computer aided design model of external anatomical structures (Supervisor: Drew TS). close x

    Raja Marimuthu

    Survivorship after management of pathological fractures (Supervisor: Clift BA). close x

    Satish Kanan Rajankulam Ganesan

    (Ian Smillie Class Award of Distinction - best overall student). Assessment of talipes equinovarus treated by the Ponseti technique (Supervisors: MacLean JB, Abboud RJ). close x

    Syed Taqi Hasan

    A biomechanical analysis of the upper limb in crutch walking (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Syed Muinuddin Azam

    Effect of ankle-foot orthosis on joint forces in spastic cerebral palsy (Supervisors: Wang W, Gibbs S, Abboud RJ). close x

    Mahantesh Patil

    The effect of speed on in-shoe foot pressure distribution during walking in normal adults (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Any student not tagged did not successfully complete the MCh Orth, Dundee Degree