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Class of 2012-2013

  • 2013

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    Mr Neil Valentine

    Internal Examiner close x

    Heather Ferguson

    Department Secretary close x

    Professor Rami Abboud

    Course Director/Head of Department close x

    Sheila MacDonald

    Course Administrator close x

    Mr John Dorgan

    External Examiner close x

    Avinash Parthasarathy

    Numbness around the total knee arthroplasty surgical scar: prevalence and effect on functional outcome (Supervisors: Johnston LR, Jariwala AC). close x

    Vikram Arun Mhaskar

    (David Rowley Presentation Skills Award). Analysis of EMG activity in upper limb and back muscle groups and foot pressure analysis in fast bowlers to enhance and prevent injury (Supervisors: Wang W, Arnold GP). close x

    Sooryanarayan Pujar

    Audit of the Outerbridge and Kashiwagi procedure for elbow osteoarthritis (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Sadiq Nasir

    Project Supervisor close x

    Lovey Singhal

    Assessment of talipes equino varus treated by Ponseti technique: phase VI (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, MacLean J, Campbell D). close x

    Dr Weijie Wang

    Project Supervisor close x

    Nishant K. Gaonkar

    Predicting the geometric knee centre using three-dimensionally CT scanned tibia and femur bones (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Ian Christie

    Course Tutor close x

    Linda Johnston

    Project Supervisor close x

    Veereddy Kovvuri

    Comparison of muscle activities and joint movements in the lower limbs between the stepper movement and walking (Supervisors: Wang W, Abboud RJ). close x

    Dr Graham Arnold

    Project Supervisor close x

    Sudhanshu Nandra

    Clinical audit of dorsal capsulodesis of the wrist (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Syed Fasi-ur-Rahman

    (Ian Kelly Scientific Communication Award). The outcomes of total knee arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis in NHS Tayside (Supervisors: Boscainos P, Nassif M, Johnston L). close x

    Amandeep Narang

    Outcomes of Oxford medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty in NHS Tayside (Supervisors: Boscainos P, Nassif M, Johnston L). close x

    Ian J. Persad

    (Ian Smillie Class Award of Distinction - best overall student). Outcomes of the Matti Russe procedure (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Karan Sharma

    Comparative study between studded and bladed football boots (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Arnold GP, Nasir S). close x

    Dr Tim Drew

    Project Supervisor close x

    Ian Persad - Ian Smillie Class Award of Distinction

    Syed Fasi-ur-Rahman - Ian Kelly Scientific Communication Award

    Vikram Arun Mhaskar - David Rowley Presentation Skills Award

    Any student not tagged did not successfully complete the MCh Orth, Dundee Degree