MCh Students

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Class of 2004-2005

  • 2005

    Sadiq Nasir

    Project Support close x

    Jatinder Bir Singh Jaggi

    Supporting orthopaedic surgeons: evaluation of web-based statistics resources (Supervisor: Cochrane LA). close x

    Satish Reddy Gandavarapu

    Texture analysis of radiographs for diagnosis of osteoporosis (Supervisors: Lerski R, Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Chacko John Manakkalathil

    (Ian Smillie Class Award of Distinction - best overall student). The effect of off-shelf heel shock-absorption inserts on plantar foot pressure re-distribution (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Abboud RJ). close x

    Gowtham Kankanala

    Correlation of preoperative ultrasound findings with postoperative histopathology findings in the diagnosis of Mortonís interdigital neuroma (Supervisor: Jain AS). close x

    Dr Tim Drew

    Project Supervisor close x

    Mr Ian Christie

    Course Tutor close x

    Mr Carlos Wigderowitz

    Project Supervisor close x

    Mr John Dent

    Project Supervisor close x

    Professor David Rowley

    Head of Department close x

    Karla Fretwell

    Course Administrator close x

    Professor Rami Abboud

    Course Director/Deputy Head of Department close x

    Margaret Aitken

    Department Secretary close x

    Dr Weijie Wang

    Project Supervisor close x

    Achal Goyal

    Preliminary evaluation of use of instrumented forceps for wrist arthroscopy (Supervisors: Drew TS, Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Srinivas Uttarwar

    (Ian Kelly Paper Award of Distinction). Measurement of the metatarsal-phalangeal and ankle joints during various modes of gait in normal adults (Supervisors: Wang W, Gibbs S, Abboud RJ). close x

    Doraisamy Manivelavan

    Mechanical characteristics of the lower limbs during walking for patients with cerebral palsy (Supervisors: Wang W, Gibbs S, Abboud RJ). close x

    Vijender Reddy Teegala

    Load threshold during walking (Supervisors: Drew TS, Abboud RJ) close x

    Dr Graham Arnold

    Super Supervisor close x

    Amit Putti

    Normal pressure values and the repeatability of the Emed® barefoot system and the Pedar® in-shoe system (Supervisor: Abboud RJ). close x

    Arun Kumar Ramanathan

    Evaluation of outcomes following press-fit ceramic implant arthroplasty of the hallux metatarsophalangeal joint (Supervisors: Jain AS, Abboud RJ). close x

    Manuj Wadwha

    Biomechanical model for the rotator cuff: relationship between muscle forces and patterns of pressure on the glenohumeral joint (Supervisor: Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Alagappan Ramananthan

    Investigating the incidence of negative nerve-conduction studies in patients with clinical findings of carpal-tunnel syndrome (Supervisors: Dent JA, Spillane KM). close x

    Patnala Subhashish Rao

    (Professorial Award of Achievement). Evaluation of the Gaitrite® system versus the Vicon® system (Supervisors: Gibbs S, Arnold GP, Abboud RJ). close x

    Armughan Azhar

    Scapholunate ligament in carpal kinematics: an anatomical study (Supervisors: Whitten S, Wigderowitz CA). close x

    Somanth Sanikop

    Study of long-term survival of PCA unicodylar knee prosthesis (Supervisor: Hadden WA). close x

    Sabahuddin Ali Ahmad

    Assessment and comparison of shoulder movements using the Fastrak® and Vicon® systems (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Abboud RJ). close x

    Habeeb Azhar Raju

    Systematic review of the evaluation of the Harris hip score (Supervisor: Cochrane LA). close x

    Rakesh Mittarsain Arora

    Acetabular revision and restoration of the hip mechanics (Supervisor: Clift BA). close x

    Dhandapani Senniappan

    Systematic review of evaluation of the knee society score (Supervisor: Cochrane LA). close x

    Any student not tagged did not successfully complete the MCh Orth, Dundee Degree