BMSc Students

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Class of 2020-2021

  • 2021

    Wing Sze Yu

    Injuries of upper extremities in wheelchair athletes with a focus on wheelchair court sports: a systematic review (Supervisors: Dr Andrew J. Murphy, Mrs Jenni Dalgleish) close x

    Vaila Robertson

    A roadmap to 3D printing in orthopaedic surgery (Supervisors: Dr Tim Drew, Mr Stephen Dalgleish) close x

    Rory Houlihan

    Modelling and simulation of dynamic human movement using Autodesk Inventor® Professional 2021 (Supervisor: Dr Tim Drew) close x

    Nizami Rahman

    Effects of wrist wraps/straps in wrist injury prevention and performance enhancement during the bench press (Supervisor: Dr Tim Drew) close x

    Mhairi Millar

    Evaluation of surgical technique for adult acquired flatfoot deformity based on patient-reported outcomes (Supervisors: Dr Tim Drew, Mr Fraser Harrold) close x

    Lewis Liversedge

    An investigation of muscle activation and joint forces in Conventional vs Sumo deadlift styles with a focus on safety and injury prevention (Supervisor: Dr Tim Drew) close x

    Josh Rawcliffe

    The relationship between lower back pain and foot pressure distribution during gait (Supervisors: Dr Graham Arnold, Mr Sadiq Nasir, Dr Weijie Wang) close x

    Arya Nair

    The effect of strength training on young people with cerebral palsy: a quasi-systematic review (Supervisors: Dr Andrew J. Murphy, Mrs Jenni Dalgleish) close x

    Anja Powell

    Female saddle discomfort: a novel saddle seatpost interface (Supervisor: Dr Tim Drew) close x