BMSc Students

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Class of 2019-2020

  • 2020

    Daniel Watkins

    Spinal board biomechanics (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Paterson B) close x

    Emily Turnbull

    Factors influencing saddle pressure distribution and perceived discomfort in female cyclists (Supervisors: Drew TS, Wilkinson) close x

    Matthew Turner

    The effect of fast bowling on causing ankle injuries to the landing foot in cricket and whether low or high top cricket shoes provide more protection to the lower limbs? (Supervisors: Nasir S, Arnold GP) close x

    Joe McAuley

    The effect of ‘knee wraps’ and ‘knee sleeves’ on muscle activation, kinematics, and joint forces during the barbell back squat (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Drew TS) close x

    Katharine Hill

    Does a left footed or right footed reverse stick hit in hockey cause a greater force to be exerted through the lower limb joints?: an injury prevention study (Supervisors:Dalgleish J, Drew TS) close x

    Ronan Harrison

    How important is correct landing technique in preventing knee injuries when landing in volleyball? (Supervisors: Dalgleish J, Johnston LR) close x

    John Hannah

    A study into the effects of psychological pressure on the kinematics of the forehand smash shot in table tennis (Supervisors: Fioraton E, Drew TS) close x

    Niamh Fitzpatrick

    A biomechanical evaluation on the effect that sitting in different chairs has on the lower back (Supervisors: Dalgleish J, Arnold GP) close x

    Ahmed Elsayed

    Assessing the relationship between operating table height and the loads exerted on the lumbar vertebrae: a biomechanical study (Supervisors: Arnold GP, Drew TS) close x

    Keir Carmichael

    Finger joint kinematics and muscle activation in video gaming (Supervisors:Arnold GP, Wang W) close x

    Joshua Abishek

    Does wrist support/wrist wrapping and strapping increase performance during conventional barbell bench press (Supervisors: Drew TD, Arnold GP) close x

    Due to the COVID Lockdown we were unable to take a class photograph this year. Please select each student for further information.