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Class of 2015-2016

  • 2016

    Chris Owen

    The barbell back squat: how does footwear affect lower body kinematics and muscle activation? (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Shaina Dillon

    Footprints: can they be accurate in identifying criminals? (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Seraj Zohurul Haque

    Impact of footwear on posture and back injury in barbell back squats (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Scott Miller

    Comparison of kinetics in gait analysis of successful total and hemi knee replacement (Supervisor: Hadden W) close x

    Matthew Kennedy

    Development and evaluation of rugby headgear to bring about reduction in concussion incidence (Supervisor: Drew TS) close x

    Jordan Wardrope

    Do neck collars work? A kinematic evaluation of C-spine immobilisation devices (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Iona Robertson

    A biomechanical assessment of curling deliveries: is toe sliding more likely to cause knee injury than flat-foot sliding? (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Fraser Paterson

    The collection and analysis of barefoot plantar pressure data in elite youth football players (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Fraser Cullen

    An investigation into the effect of ankle bracing on range of motion and lower limb muscle activity in dynamic movement (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Eilidh Gillen

    The effect of yoga on balance and gait of children with cerebral palsy: a pilot study (Supervisor: Abboud RJ) close x

    Douglas Macleod

    A comparison of muscle strengthening regimes on neck strength and muscle activation during scrummaging in rugby (Supervisor: Drew TS) close x

    Calum Gray

    The influence of saddle height on pedalling dynamics during cycling (Surepvisor: Drew TS) close x

    Blair Wallace

    Is there a link between abdominal endurance and lumbar spine posture whilst ‘hiking’ during simulated dinghy sailing? (Supervisors: Bolton M, Abboud RJ) close x

    Natália Torres de Araújo Albuquerque

    Does vibration assist the diabetic foot to avoid ulceration? (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Arnold GP, Nasir S) close x

    Mario Petronio Dowsley de Freitas Neto

    Gait efficiency in healthy individuals while treadmill running in different classes of running shoes (Supervisor: Black M) close x

    Maria Tereza Teixeira de Mello Guedes Pinto

    Analysis of the relationships between brain electrical activity and gait pattern and implication in rehabilitation (Supervisor: Wang W) close x

    Luciana Eltz Soares

    Biomechanical evaluation of the Resqroll in road traffic collisions (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Arnold GP, Nasir S) close x

    Ana Carolina de Souza Mangrich

    The impact of tennis racket string vibration dampers on shock transmission and the prevention of injuries to the wrist and elbow joints (Supervisor: Drew TS) close x

    Lucas Ricchezza

    Analysis of the relationships between brain electrical activity and fundamental muscle activities and their implication in rehabilitation (Supervisor: Wang W) close x

    Gabriel Faria Medeiros

    Comparison of mobile typing manners between the hardware and touch screen keyboards (Supervisors: Wang W, Arnold GP) close x

    Fernando Bueno Neves

    Establishing state of motion through two-dimensional footprint analysis: a pilot study (Supervisors: Abboud RJ, Arnold GP, Nasir S) close x

    Bárbara Batista de Oliveira

    Development and testing of low cost AFO using 3D printer (Supervisor: Drew TS) close x

    Calum MacDonald

    IMAR Lab Support close x

    Professor Rami Abboud

    Head of Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery close x

    Dr Derek Santos

    External Examiner close x

    Heather Ferguson

    Department Secretary close x

    Dr Tim Drew

    Course Co-Director close x

    Dr Graham Arnold

    Project Supervisor close x

    Mr Tim Clough

    External Examiner close x

    Ian Christie

    Course Tutor close x

    Sheila MacDonald

    Course Administrator close x

    Dr Weijie Wang

    Senior Lecturer close x

    Fernando Bueno Neves - Scientific Paper Award winner

    Eilidh Gillen and Maria Tereza Guedes (joint winners) - Presentation Skills Award winner