BMSc Students

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Class of 2017-2018

  • 2018

    Mr Amit Puti

    External Examiner close x

    Sheila MacDonald

    Course Administrator close x

    Professor Rami Abboud

    Head of Department of Orthopaedic Surgery close x

    Mr Tim Clough

    External Examiner close x

    Dr Tim Drew

    Project Supervisor close x

    Hamish Matthews

    Ergonomics of laparoscopic instruments affecting thenar eminence and 1st MCP joint (Supervisors: Miss Dorin Ziyaie, Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Emily McKenzie

    The effect of heel height on back pain in simulated pregnancy (Supervisor: Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Mr Sadiq Nasir

    Technical Supervisor close x

    Kirstie Farquar

    Accuracy of two-dimensional and three-dimensional radiographic techniques in the diagnosis of unilateral condylar hyperplasia (Supervisors: Professor Grant McIntyre. Professor Peter Mossey - School of Dentistry, Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Michael Romano

    Analysis of the relationship between brain electronic activity when squatting and the implications on rehabilitation (Supervisor: Dr Weijie Wang) close x

    Dr Weijie Wang

    Project Supervisor close x

    Sarah Burns

    A comparison of the protection offered against lower leg injury by different types of football shin guards (Supervisor: Dr Tim Drew) close x

    Calum Sreenan

    An investigation into the use of infrared technology to target and improve the recovery of athletes (Supervisor: Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Ian Christie

    Academic Skills Tutor close x

    Alison Young

    Investigation into the importance of trekking poles in preventing injury when hill walking (Supervisor: Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Jeremy Telford

    Mechanical testing of the Jaipur Foot against low, mid and high activity prosthetic feet used in the NHS (Supervisor: Dr Tim Drew) close x

    Dr Graham Arnold

    Technical Supervisor close x

    Frances Feeley

    Can foot angle influence the risk of injury to the lower limb joints during a field hockey hit? (Supervisor: Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Seumas Barker

    The use of heated and vibrating devices as part of a football warm-up: friend or foe? (Supervisor: Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Catherine Hunter

    Stability of the knee joint during skiing: How does the moment arm of ground reaction force change with slope steepness and posture? (Supervisor: Professor Rami Abboud) close x

    Peter Glenfield

    Effectiveness of the N-Pro head guard at reducing impact to the head of rugby union players (Supervisor: Dr Tim Drew) close x

    Patrick Porter

    Volar Plating: Functional recovery of the pronator quadratus (Supervisors: Dr Tim Drew, Dr Graeme Nicoll) close x

    Hamish Mathews and Patrick Porter - Scientific Paper Award, joint winners

    Sarah Burns - Presentation Skills Award winner